Construction-Related Videography has become an increasingly popular method of providing visual proof of the status of an area prior to construction or of the progress of construction during a major project.

Pre-Construction Video Surveys

Construction firms that perform major projects, either on streets, roadways or buildings, are using video to document the condition of the neighborhood and/or existing property before construction begins. These videos often can resolve complaints from residents at or near the site of the construction about damage claims by offering concise proof of the pre-existing conditions of structures or landscapes before construction was started. Video surveys of construction sites serve as inexpensive insurance policies for construction companies and government agencies. Surveys which are carefully planned out and then shot by a disinterested third party trained in legal video can be particularly effective evidence.

Construction Draw Videos

Similarly, videos taken during construction can be a cost effective way for a financial institution or a contractor to view progress made and judge the worthiness of periodic payment claims without expensive travel. Carefully prepared video may be more effective than a lightly trained inspector in showing a home office expert the details of work completed.
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