Day in the Life Documentaries

Video documentaries in litigation procedures can include "Day in the Life" a.k.a. "Activities of Daily Living" and Settlement Documentaries.
The Day in the Life documentary video can be very effective in portraying the consequential damages a plaintiff has sustained because of an incident causing an injury. Here is a clear case where video can be much more dramatic than just text in demonstrating and providing understanding on how a life has been changed. The phrase "Activities of Daily Living" may be better suited and less objectionable in many of these cases.

Interestingly, a documentary such as this may be used for equipment as well as for people and may provide vivid proof of value and or misuse.

Settlement Documentaries

Video can also be used to prepare a documentary which is not prepared for court use, but to provide a concise summation of a case to be given to the opposing side to fully demonstrate the magnitude of the claim or of the defense's position. These are carefully scripted documents intended to position a case for early and favorable settlement.

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