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Why fly across country or out of the country for a two hour meeting or deposition? Stay in town and let Resling set up a videoconference. Resling has installed state-of-the-art equipment at our 101 N. Cascade office to ensure that your videoconference is a positive, painless and efficient experience. We will take care of arranging and scheduling our videoconferencing room, scheduling the reporter and finding a facility at the other end to ensure that the call comes off flawlessly.

Videoconferencing allows attorneys, business people, and educators to plan and attend "face to face" meetings with deponents, job applicants, colleagues and customers without the expense, time and stress of out-of-town travel. Call Resling Reporting to schedule a videoconference.

Resling has installed a high speed IP system utilizing the latest market leader hardware from Polycom (the HDX 7000S system) and a 32 inch wall mounted monitor to ensure that your electronic meeting fulfills your needs and expectations. Our private conference room will seat up to six attendees comfortably. You can also leave the meeting with a video DVD of the entire proceedings. For legal depositions, our top-notch court reporters and/or videographers are available to capture the official transcript.

Videoconferencing is a viable alternative to travel. Public videoconferencing locations are growing in number. Resling is a member of national networks which allow us to find a qualified room within a few miles of your colleague/deponent/client. We are the first court-reporting firm to install such equipment in Colorado Springs and are the only room open to the public in downtown Colorado Springs.


State of the Art Video Conferencing Room





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